Last Updated: August 2nd 2021

Changes log


  • Fix end of campaign achievements logic (Thanks Jake and TakisV for pointing out they were not working)
  • Fix multiple tap during upgrade bug
  • Fix design of text in achievments page


  • Grammar fixes
  • iOS link to app store for reviews corrected


  • Added review buttons and logic
  • Small fixes


  • Gameplay: Improved english in tutorials
  • Gameplay: upgrades now are happening from inside the battle, not the market
  • Design: Moved cards extratext to be a tooltip when clicking on image
  • Design: More consistent icon for closing current screen
  • Design: New design for card tree screen
  • BugFix: In some android phones the game was not opening at all (Thanks "Beast")


  • Design: Visual effects improvements
  • Gameplay: rebalanced last area of campaign
  • Gameplay: rebalanced artificers
  • Gameplay: rebalanced skills
  • Gameplay: changed artificers tree
  • Gameplay: added two radioactive cards in campaign
  • Gameplay: changed area skills configuration
  • Added ads after end of area
  • BugFix: When a monster died and an other was getting shield, and you clicked "end turn", there was an error
  • Tutorials: Do not load tutorial savegames anymore
  • Added tooltips in multiple places in the game to make learning easier (thanks for the feedback Exotic-Ad-853, fakename5, Hazid)


  • BugFix: door was becoming unresponsive on skill choosing sometimes
  • BugFix: You could die together with a monster via both poisoning
  • Gameplay: New skill: Radioactive coating
  • Gameplay: New true damage Effect (radioactive)
  • Gameplay: New card: Radioactive Claw
  • Gameplay: New card: Radioactive Cannon
  • Gameplay: New skill: Shield mending bot
  • Gameplay: New skill: Radioactive Bot
  • Gameplay: New skills: Thick skin and insulating skin
  • Design: New visual effects for honey, heal and poison user
  • Design: Show correct number of rows for skills


  • Menu: Show which tutorials the player has already played
  • Design: Better show (green checkmark) which cards that can only be played once have already been played (in card tree and detailed card view)
  • Bugfix: Dont fail if a monster dies during a heal session of an other monster
  • Design: Get rid of the grey bar on very long android phones (Thanks @Mike_Piercy for the fix)
  • BugFix: you could press multiple achivement buttons making a crash (Thanks @panagiamu for the excelent bug report)
  • Design: Made "no thanks two lines
  • Design: changed "you lost" screen
  • Gameplay: balanced last area of campaign (Thanks @sitronella for the extensive testing)
  • Gameplay: extra xp in early battles to balance for 4 enemy battle
  • Improved MutantCobra and EmpressBee descriptions
  • Button for "Try again", when you loose the campaing


  • Fixed text on various cards and monsters
  • Gameplay: Rebalanced skills
  • Added music to menu
  • Added "already used" to two blue cards that can only be used once
  • Gameplay: Fixed Doctor Hurtsalot beheaviour
  • Design: barb now shows unique animation effect


  • Design: added images to ripperdoc and doctor hurtsalot
  • Design: added skull to barbed effect
  • Design: fix design of edit (or add) player name field (thanks morefriendsthanmost)
  • Fixing typos everywhere (thanks morefriendsthanmost)
  • Gameplay: On "select difficulty screen" show the non available difficulties as greyed out and added helpful message (thanks morefriendsthanmost)
  • Gameplay: Added multiple cards missing descriptions


  • Design: new menu button at battle lost, everything else gets darker
  • Design: multiple effects visible at once
  • Content: added two new offensive cards in the doctor's tree (pending art)
  • Design: small card now shows correct AP image
  • Design: Recalculate where the shelves in the market should appear
  • BugFix: Log should appear on top of "you lost"
  • BugFix: One more case where bombs stopped faling
  • BugFix: When winning a battle you could crash by pressing "finish"


  • BugFix: Display of non equal healthbars fixed
  • BugFix: HealthBar text displays in center of healthbar always
  • BugFix: Fixed cloning vats "duplicate" button (on opening pile to select card to duplicate)
  • Gameplay: You cannot buy skill "heal" when you are on full health anymore
  • Design: Change life and shield images on monster thumbnails for consistency
  • Gameplay: Barbed now deals damage directly to health
  • Gameplay: Buffed smiths card tree
  • BugFix: Market doesn't open multiple times when using back button (was causing memory leak) (Thanks Hermes)
  • BugFix: Android back button works in campaign select pages
  • Fixed typos (Thanks Hermes)


  • BugFix: In tutorial, if you exited before finishing, you had no way to go to the menu
  • BugFix: In tutorial, the menu page was not showing you which tutorials you had done. Curent solution uses placeholder images, to be replaced
  • BugFix: In tutorial, you could doubletap the "next" button in the message and the next two messages would open
  • BugFix: In tutorial, you could tap the "next" button and very fast tap a card, which would open and confuse users
  • BugFix: ToxicMutant now adds correct card to deck
  • Cleared up descriptions and fixed some typos


  • DesignFix: On bigger screens "you lost" image was appearing outside of screen. Fixed
  • BugFix: When shield and electric shield had differnt sizes the ratio of the one to the other was not correct


  • BugFix: make the back button to work in market
  • Design: Show XP number in very long screens (was in wrong height)
  • BugFix: Dont show as soldout cards that you can buy multiple times
  • BugFix: When you were killing more than 2 monsters via poison a third one appeared for a little while like dying. This has now (I think) been fixed. (hopefully without breaking anything else)
  • New graphic for when you are loosing a battle
  • Added description to all monsters
  • DesignFix: Fix the scroll area of card listings
  • Close keyboard when finishing writting the username
  • BugFix: Don't softlock game after dev battle finishes
  • BugFix: When you first opened the battle, and you opened the deck pile, you see 0 ap cost for all cards
  • Gameplay: Changed the medic tree
  • BugFix: Areas in the campaign no longer change background after using shop
  • BugFix: fixed some monsters not checking for a different transeffect after modification of action
  • Delay to show finish message
  • Show end of campaign graphic and message and raise maxDifficulty


  • Design: When card title is more than 20 characters, make it smaller font
  • Gameplay: Made enemies who normally span more enemies, to attack instead if enemies slot are full
  • Design: "Sold out" tag on top of already bought skills and cards
  • BugFix: Fix top bar for extra long phones
  • Design: Electrified effect lightnings now go under card
  • Gameplay: Honey effect increases cost of cards instead of decreasing AP per round
  • BugFix: Fix naming error for poison cultist
  • Added description to several enemies
  • Design: Falling bombs no longer display above "Enter name" prompt

  • BugFix: area 6 background was missing, throwing and error
  • Added effect on player when Bee Empress throws honey
  • Design: Applied design on pile screen in market (when selecting the remove card skill)
  • Improved poison effect on player


  • Reworked health bar drawing: Now it only modifies the masks often, and does not redraw
  • Reworked health bar drawing: Made repeat of parts to be 2 px to get rid of small empty pixel on health bar. Problem does not appear on simulator, but appears on phone. Needs extra work
  • BugFix: when losing game, it was not deleting the savegame


  • Applied new design to settings and credits
  • Various design fixes
  • Reworked all battleFinish logic
  • BugFix: Electric turret was failing on addShields move
  • New cards: Clenser and Antidote (missing images)
  • Removed ads logic


  • BugFix: memory leak crashing game (Thanks TakisV)
  • Monster detailed card design
  • Top part of Market
  • Different backgrounds in different areas in campaign


  • New battle design
  • New piles design
  • Bug fix: After winning campaign, allowed difficulty was not updating (thanks TakisV)


  • New design for tutorials background
  • New app icons
  • Text fixes
  • Improvement on electrified and poisoned effects
  • UX Improvement: show shields on enemies directly when added (if there were more than one enemies it seemed strange)
  • BugFix: Battle animations were running after battle finished, resulting in crashes

  • New design for glossary
  • New design for challenges page
  • New design for message inside battles
  • ADS (video) introduced between areas

  • New design for detailed (opened) card
  • BugFix: skill "remove a card" was not taking any AP (thanks TakisV)
  • BugFix: effect "dodge" was not appearing


  • New design for falling door
  • New shades of colors
  • New effects for electrified and poisoned enemies
  • Improvements on tutorials

  • All card and enemies illustrations are now in place
  • All skills illustrations are in place
  • New graphics for the main menu
  • New graphics for the market
  • New background for falling door (work in progress)
  • New playable tutorial


  • Rebalancing monsters and areas after first difficulty pass
  • New illustrations for enemies on area 4 and 5

  • New Map illustration, effects and messages


  • New game mechanic: Difficulty levels in campaigns!


  • BugFix: Extra card was appearing at the last two battles of area one while it shouldn't
  • BugFix: Poison effect last image was causing a crash under circumstances
  • Sound effect fixes: use more channels for effects without stopping them


  • Music in battle
  • New effect for when enemies add shield
  • New effect for enemies that can dodge
  • BugFixes: New achievements were breaking challenges. Fixed
  • Removed shuffle sound

  • Last illustrations for mechanics. Finished all the cards
  • Improvements in how card tree appears for mechanics (they are too many)
  • Mechanics that can be played only once switch illustration after they have been played
  • 4 New Achievements "Military Minded", "Poisonous", "Engineering Degree", "Pharmasist"
  • Poison effect on user appears now directly after enemy applies it (and not at end of turn)
  • BugFix: After campaign end, if you were directly restarting campaign, it was showing the last battle
  • BugFix: Outside of campaign, battles where breaking because of "This close" achievement


  • New illustrations for mechanics
  • Poison effect for enemies
  • New illustration for physical damage effect
  • Challenge 3 added
  • New Achievement "This close"

  • Unlock skill now happens at the sliding door
  • No more detailed small maps per area.
  • Added three more achievements (winning area 1, winning area 2 or 3, and winning area 4).


  • Illustrations for the remaining enemies of area two and the two first enemies of area one
  • BugFix: Homebound Train it was not always removing the correct card.
  • Enhancement: Homebound Train can now remove its own self
  • Sound effect on electric and physical damage to enemy
  • New way to go from one battle to the next in campaign: Direct without going to the map, using the sliding door
  • New graphics effect for electric damage
  • New (temporary) graphics effect for physical damage


  • New game mechanic: Challenges. Preset mini campaigns of 4 battles.
  • Small bug fixes
  • Sound effect on sliding door


  • Achievements mechanics added to the game.
  • Achievement: Lose a battle
  • Achievement: Finish a campaign
  • Achievement: Finish a campaign without red cards
  • BugFix: If your turn was starting with less cards than the previous one, the game was crashing
  • Rebalancing mechanics (blue cards)
  • BugFix: When DiscoBall dies, reset the colors of the cards


  • Small design changes on enemies appearance
  • First illustrations of enemies


  • In cardTree you can now see the number of times you have each card
  • Pile listings you can now see the number of times you have each card
  • Rebalance area 1
  • Rebalance dancing cultists


  • New illustrations for walls
  • BugFix: Remove Card related bugs
  • Market design on skills fixes


  • Design fixes
  • New splash screen


  • New illustrations for Militia
  • A lot of rebalancing and switching of areas 4 and 5
  • A lot of bug fixes


  • New illustrations for Medics
  • Visual effect when new cards get dealt
  • BugFix: (again). CardTree was snapping to first tree if you opened a card
  • SoundEffect: Sound when deck is reshuffled


  • New illustrations for Smiths
  • Design applied in card tree
  • BugFix: CardTree was snapping to first tree if you opened a card
  • BugFix: The close button in cardtree was infront of the detailed card
  • BugFix: After unlocking a card, a pile was opening


  • Rebalancing Defencive Forces
  • Made the detailed card bigger
  • BugFix: You could click on possible upgrades multiple times


  • Limited number of characters in log inside battle
  • New illustrations for all poisoners tree
  • New dimention of illustrations in cards
  • BugFix: Movement of card out of bounds was producing an error

  • Applied design to enemies detailed view
  • New design for slider in settings
  • Tutorial improvements


  • Settings page: Change username, adjust music and sound volume (in preparation of the addition of music and sound)
  • Applied correct back button in pages
  • Rebalance mutant cobra
  • Applied design in glossary
  • Improved design in tutorial


Content / Game Mechanics
  • BugFix: in JohnDiscoBall was crashing after the first move
  • Added area 6 (Still missing final boss)
  • Extra card battle cannot be the first of the area anymore
  • Rebalance of area 5
Design / UX
  • Applied design to Tutorial and Glossary
  • Effects: Added heal effect when enemy heals itself
  • Effects: When enemy applies poison to player, show it right away, instead of after the turn end

  • New Enemy: Creeping Moss
  • New Enemy: Lightning Cactus
  • New Enemy: Venom Ivy
  • New Card: Batteries
  • Game Mechanics: Unlock card happens at end of battle
  • Extra card battle does not also unlock card
  • Rebalancing in poisoners
Bug Fixes
  • BugFix: Delaying showing cards was breaking fast game
  • BugFix: Add back button to unlock skill details
  • BugFix: Bug: Market could open during unlock card options.
Design / UI
  • New design for card thumbnails
  • Applied box design to "unlock skill"
  • Got rid of the "save game exists" screen when going to a saved campagin game


  • New Enemy: Mutated Flytrap
  • New Enemy: Fighting Dandelions
  • New Enemy: Halucinating Butterwort
  • Game Mechanics: Give five options when unlocking cards
  • Balance: Rebalance Giant Mantis
Bug Fixes
  • BugFix: If shields had different max value, they were not rendering correctly
  • BugFix: You could end turn while an other end was turning, causing unexpected issues
  • BugFix: Only try to remove effect images if they exist
  • BugFix: When unlocking a skill in campaign, you could accidentally click on the city bellow, selecting a battle unintentionally
  • BugFix: Aquiring a skill in market, you could accidentally click on the card behind it
Design / Features
  • New health bar design in battle
  • Added ability to add music in battle
  • Battle elements now appear in phases (to accomodate diferent beats in music. Thanks Jake!)
  • Applied design for message box in battle


  • BugFix: Playing cards too fast, with the last monster dying was giving an error. The fix for this though introduced other problems, with when the monster effects appear and disapear and we expect errors to appear that will need to be solved.
  • Implemented box designs in more places
  • BugFix: In campaign/map, when the messages appear, you cannot click on areas anymore


  • BugFix: Taking a skill was opening the card bellow
  • New Cards: President of engineering and Mechanics professor
  • New enemy: Lightning cloud


Start of new design work
  • Menu has now buttons and background
  • Tutorial. Improvements in design
  • New buttons graphics (many more places for this to be applied)
  • Design applied to random daily battle form
  • UX fix: Cards are now only disabled if a monster dies


  • Detailed card: Make title show in two lines if needed
  • New Card: Cloning Vats
  • New Card: Homebound train
  • Rebalancing Militias (They were waay too strong)
  • Market is scrollable
  • BugFix: Error sometimes when choosing skills


  • New card: Electric archer
  • Minor bug fixes
  • New effect: electrified
  • Extra battles now give unique cards


  • Game mechanics: In the campaign, you only need to win the boss of an area to unlock the other areas
  • Card tree: Fixed mechanics where cards were not showing
  • Card tree: Wall and electric wall are now in the same tree
  • BugFix: damage and electric damage effects where lingering after monster was dying
  • BugFix: buyable cards where not showing AP cost and other stats
  • New card: Flash Grenade
  • New card: Workshop


  • Card tree now swipes better
  • Extra cards can now appear in the market
  • Market bug fix: If you bought any simple card, the extra card was becoming unavailable
  • Added new colors for the extra colors
  • New card: Shielding mechanism
  • New card: Ginnie
  • New card: Advanced plastics
  • New card: Fortress
  • Areas 2 and three now have the switch skill available


This is a hidden build


  • New enemy: Centurionpede
  • New enemy (boss): Empress Bee (and derived enemies)


  • New enemy: John DiscoBall (John Discos digitised)
  • New area 5 with new monsters
  • Transision effect: Smoke Bomb
  • Transition effect: Venom
  • New area: 5 with new enemies
  • New enemy: Enormous Mosquito
  • New enemy: MurderFly (and derived enemies)
  • New enemy: Terrifying Beatle
  • New enemy: Giant Mantis
  • BugFix: In market, when you were clicking the middle of the buyable cards, it was automatically buying it
  • Rebalanced DisplacingHouseCat. It now dodges one 50% of the times 50% of your damage


  • Piles now show the cards as square icons
  • Rebalance Toxig Guard Dog
  • Rebalances blue cards
  • Buyable cards get better as you go to higher areas


  • Detailed card to always show the AP cost (was missing in various screens)
  • Fix "Select card" screen to have icons correct proportions
  • BugFix: RandomBattle. If you were writting a battle, finishing/exiting without restarting the game, all random battles after it were always the one you had typed
  • Added two new monsters: "Mutant Cobra" and "Sharptooth guardDog"
  • Rebalance area 3 and 4 (made them easier)
  • RandomBattle: make all enemies that add poison to the player only appear in wave 3 (Thanks TakisV)
  • Campaign: Cannot play area 2 and 3 in the same campaign


  • UI: Detailed card "can be upgraded to" is now global
  • UI: Close button is now global
  • BugFix: when winning a random battle, an error was appearing


  • Many UI changes: Detailed card is now closer to final designs
  • Card icons are transparent
  • Fixed bug that was making cards disapear after other card removals
  • You can no longer play cards that give permanent upgrades you already have


  • Four new cards: Tesla Gun Expert, Insulation Armour Expert, Tesla Cannon Expert, Field Generator Expert
  • Rebalancing toxic mutant


  • VP of engineering now exiles quality inspectors too (Thanks TakisV)
  • New blue cards: Tier One Automation Expert and Tier two Automation Expert
  • Rebalancing blue cardTree


  • Randomiser on campaign battles (except the bosses)
  • Two new enemies: Venomus Blob and Venom Titan
  • One new battle on area 4


  • In minigame you can now select to play the daily battle
  • Two new enemies: Toxic Guard Dog and Toxic Mutant
  • Four new battles the beginning of area 4
  • BugFix: Areas in campaign, when they were getting unlocked, were continuing to appear orange (instead of green)
  • BugFix: Shuffle was not working correctly. First card in discard pile was always last in draw pile. (Kudos to Skilopsaros for fixign the algorithm!)
  • BugFix: when two monsters were dying from effect, the second one was going to negative health and continuing being in the scren
  • BugFix: when the destroy effect of an enemy was happening, you could click it and get an error
  • Dev only skill: add +200 damage when played via simulator
  • Glossary is now alphabetical
  • Two new terms in glossary (barbed, unlock skill).

  • Fixed bug with EMP: It was staying active for the whole battle! Duh. (Thanks TakisV)
  • Two new enemies: Crazed Cultist and Poison Cultist. Oh no.
  • RandomMini game now gives you the ability to choose the battle (with a code)
  • When you generate a new RandomMini, at the beggining at the log it gives you the code for this battle

  • New kind of battle: Random. Provides 3 easy enemies (level 1). When they die it provides 2 middle level enemies (level 2). When they die, provides a boss (level 3)
  • Cardtree is now swippable
  • New effect: poison on player
  • New monster: ToxicGuardDog

  • Two new enemies for area 3 boss battle: Loot Truck, Loot Truck security
  • BugFix: monster:applyDamages should pass and return the battle always
  • Card tree is now available from the market as well
  • Game Mechanics: Removed user level unlocks of skills.
  • Game Mechanics: Added area level unlock of skills, that remain unlocked for the rest of the campaign.

  • Small rebalance of battles 5 and 6 of area 1
  • UI: Better icons on enemies and cards thumbnails
  • UI: Work on card thumbnails
  • First enemy (little robot) image!!!
  • Rebalanced SentryTesla, Looter and Bandid
  • BugFix: turnEffect "damage_if_any_damage" was broken after "Rogue" was introduced. Fixed


  • Four new enemies: Bandit, Looter, Rogue and Bandit Captain
  • UI: New background on enemies
  • 6 new battles in area 3 with the four new enemies
  • BugFix: TurnNumber in log was wrong after save/load game

  • Four new cards in the defenders new trees: BrickWall, IronWall, Coil, FrequencyChanger
  • Added glossary page with explanation of various aspects of the game
  • New screenshots in the tutorial, and many many new steps there (but of course the screenshots will change again as UI changes
  • UI changes: Many things in Battle. New background in Market
  • UI changes: Player cards thumbnails closer to design.
  • UI: Now a border the color of the card tree appears around the card thumbnail
  • The card thumbnail is now a global function in main.lua. It is currently called from market and battle
  • In main lua there is a variable called color. It currently contains 7 colors for the existing card trees and can be used with "unpack". It will also serve for the place to store all colors of the palete that will be used in the whole game


  • First card of new defence related card tree (Thanks superviciusgamemasterandcommader). More to follow
  • BugFix: Merchant was giving AP for 2 rounds, and adding damage for ever (Thanks TakisV).
  • BugFix: Displacing Housecat was breaking if was attacked with electric damage. Missing battle parameter(Thanks TakisV)
  • Rebalance skill "One extra AP each turn this battle". It is now more expensive than first turns AP
  • Bug: Quality inspector was raising attack and shield of all cards, not only blue
  • Rebalancing: Generated Blue cards (Tesla Gun, Tesla Cannon, Field Generator, Insulation Armour) were costing 1AP (while originally planned to cost more). They were changed to cost 2 AP
  • UI: Damage and ElectricDamage icons on cards corrected


  • New enemy: Base Defence Core.
  • New attack/effect: EMP. With its own transition effect (when triggered by an enemy)

  • New game mechanic: After area 1, you can buy in the market a random (for each battle) card of tier 1 for 5ap.
  • BugFix: Red cards counting was not counting exile pile.
  • BugFix: Surgent was not working (After rebalancing on 0.0.52).
  • Dev: Hide dev only messages from android and ios build (show them only on simulator)
  • UI: Correct font on enemies card
  • UI: Show enemy name on top when the enemy card is tapped
  • Show base damages when looking at a card outside of battle
  • Testing our own splash screen
  • Testing our own android icon

  • Fixed bug on fire effect of enemy dying: Removed first reDraw of enemies at end turn.
  • Rebalancing of red cards.
  • Made the "attack" and "takes damage" different stages so that we can seperate (so that Electric Turret doesnt get activated by poison )

  • UI changes. Moved health bar closer to designs. Changes in the cards and enemies sizes.
  • New transition effect when enemy dies (card goes on fire).
Note: We experience bugs on the transition effects. Build focused on runnign it and checking the bugs on mobile


  • UI changes. Ui elements added. Pile indicators. Icons for experience, market, AP.
  • New enemies: Sentry Tesla, Defence robot, General Robot of Defence
  • New battles in area two
  • Rebalance Artificer

  • Testing fonts.


  • New game mechanic: Extra battle in campaign (in area 1 is the 6th one) gives you a random extra card from the unlocked ones.

Game changes
  • Card background in all views (card tree, market, battle).
  • Added four new cards in the mechanics tree: Vice president of Engineering, Quality inspector, Artificer troupe, Master Artificer.
  • BugFix on tinkerer
  • BugFix on merchant
Code clean up changes
  • Made card view unique for all views by putting it in main view as global function.
  • Moved card, effect, skills, monsters definition files in their respective folders.
  • Clean up. Global functions (tablePrint and tinsert) available now everywhere
  • allCards is now a global variable.

Multiple changes. First design work
  • Different available skills per are.
  • New mechanic: Skills after area 1 are locked by default. Every time you get to an area you can unlock for this game a skill. When you finish the campaign or loose the game, you can permanatelly unlock a skill you unlocked in this game.
  • Start of design work: Background of battle and card overlay
  • For testing purposes now battles exist in the first two areas (area 1 and 2)


  • Card tree view. Now you can see all the cards and their upgrades in a tree view from the battle.
  • Rebalance of artificer.


  • Rename "shield" (the non electric) to "physical shield" (Suggestion by Jake).
  • Transision effect when an enemy dies.
  • BugFix: UltraMilitia does now correct damage
  • Add in the log when an enemy dies


  • When you upgrade it now shows you details about the upgrade card (Suggestion by Jake).
  • When you finish a campaign battle, it now takes you to the area instead of the whole map.
  • Gives 4 unlock options instead of 3
Note: Any saved campaign game will probably not work due to changes in the fields of the savegames. Please delete the savegames before retesting

  • Three more battles of the campaign.
  • New monsters.
  • New game mechanic: you cannot upgrade to every card any more. All cards in campaign are locked, and one card gets unlocked after each sucessfull battle


  • First four battles of campaign are now with the new monsters.
  • Time logging of the game.


  • Transition effects when player gains shield(s) and when player is doing damages to enemies.


  • Two new enemies (Supercharged and mutant squirells) on two flavours.
  • Transition effect for AddShield and AddElectricShield of enemies.


  • Campaign menu now works with map instead of text


  • Bugfix: Moves of monsters (except attack and custom) got broken in previous build


  • Bugfix: Monsters could not do electric damage


  • Bugfix: Market was not opening


  • Two new enemies: "Golden Ghoul", "Allfarads", "Angry Postman"
  • Transition effect on effect Barb
  • End turn logging
  • All damage by player to enemies is now logged
  • Added the new enemies to the campaign


  • New monster with new abilities (steals AP from player if it manages successfull attack): "Golden Ghoul"
  • New card in the yellow tree (doctor of pain). Applies the "barbed" effect on monsters.
Both can be easily seen in the easy battle.


  • Poison tree finished
  • 3 cards of the heal tree (and the heal effect in place)
  • Log now opens to show all log messages of the battle (not only last 3)
  • Tutorial has more steps, and supports multiple images (Shows tutorial for market as well)